November, November, November

I am really wondering about the November! Every year, I post to this blog in November.
Why November?!



Every year or two, a blog post is needed!


Sleepless night, demystified.

My last post on "toughts of a sleepless night" was meant to be intellectual and deep. However, to be honest, it was before a severe flu.
Annnnd I'm still suffering...


Thoughts of a sleepless night

It has been two years since my last post. Lots of things happened. I lost my domain name; waited a year to reclaim it; got married; moved to a new house; started graduate studies and...

They don't even matter. The only thing that is of my real concern right now is that I can't sleep tonight. A strange feeling deep down my stomach. Took a Metoclopramide pill.


Yet another year

And yet another year passed..
Hopes and all ;)


Think before you do.

Got registered a new domain name but donno how to use it!
Just a waste of money!


New Year

New Perisan Year.
New Hopes.
New Goals.