today was the first day @ work :D


No, no no! it's not possible!

-Really? I mean, your intention…


-Regularly updating your blo..

-Humm…, that stuff! I don’t know!



Right now, I updated my status on Facebook and changed it to "''s closing his facebook account on sunday, 11.59 pm" .
Why? Because I think facebook's being very time-consuming and I spend more than 1 hour a day on it. Another thing about facebook is privacy! Facebook is disclosing my private life and I don't like it. So, I closed it!
P.S: It has nothing to do with depression or something like that! I'm alright and am living a joyful life!

Home, Sweet home!

Yes, you have not blogged here since a couple of months ago!
You tend to write on several blogs.
But you are not satisfied.
This is your home, danrah.com  …. Sweet home!
O danrah.com ! you’ll be rejuvenated!!!! Daniel is coming! A non-technical Daniel! An un-programmer Daniel!
Hello sweetie!