Top 7 reasons i joined the IT industry

1) I hated sleep.
2) I had enjoyed my life enough.
3) I couldn't live without tension.
4) I wanted to pay for my sins.
5) I believed in the principle : "Do work...dont think of the reward"
6) Everything in life has a reason, I wanted to prove it wrong.
7) I wanted to take revenge on myself

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Majid said...

salam Karshenas.......chetori?
hanuzam ke Chert o Pert minevisi inja.......hame kasayi ke miran Sharif intori mishan??????????
rasti ino to chand ta post payintar neveshte boodi......tarjih midam faghat Copish konam.ghezavat bashe ba baghie--->"I don't think about an option other than software engineering because I have really felt in love with that already."