Really Quick python tutorial (Part I: Intro)

I want to start posting a series of notes about python that can be used by programmers. But note that i have not tried to use the correct syntax.

  •  Integer division returns the floor.  7/3=2   7/-3=-3
  • Complex numbers are supported but "i" turns into "j" or "J". another alternative is: complex(real,imaginary) function.  z.real and z.imag are used for accessing real and imaginary parts. conversion functions such as float() int() and long() don't work for complex numbers.  to get the magnitude of a complex number:abs(z)
  • in interactive mode, the last printed expression is assigned to the variable _. this variable should be treated as read-only by the user. if you assign a value to it explicitly, you would create an independent local variable with the same name masking the built in variable with its magic behaviour.
  • and equivalent to heredoc in php is using a pair of matching triple quotes: """ or '''.
  • string concatenation: +   repeat:*  word="hi"   '<'+word*5 + '>'
  • automatic concatenation: 'hi' 'hello'   = 'hihello'  (can only be used for two string literals
  • string indexing:  word="helpA"  word[4]=A   word[0:2]=He word[2:4]=lp
  • python strings can not be changed by indexing. but:   'x'+word[1:]=xelpA
  • And omitted first index defaults to zero. and omitted second string defaults to size of the string being sliced.
  • s=s[:i]+s[i:]
  • an index that is too large is replaced by the string size.
  • and upper bound smaller that the lower bound returns an empty string.
  • indices may be negative numbers , to start counting from the  right.
  • Out-of-range negative slice indices are truncated. word[-100:]=helpA
  • The indices are pointing between characters. 
  • length of string: len(s)
  • List items need not all have the same type.  a=['spam','eggs',100,1234]   3*a[:3]+['Boe!'] -> ['spam', 'eggs', 100, 'spam', 'eggs', 100, 'spam', 'eggs', 100, 'Boe!']
  • len(a) to get the length of a list.
  • using nested lists are also possible
Finbonacci series in python(note the multiple assignment):

while b<10:
  print b


Top 7 reasons i joined the IT industry

1) I hated sleep.
2) I had enjoyed my life enough.
3) I couldn't live without tension.
4) I wanted to pay for my sins.
5) I believed in the principle : "Do work...dont think of the reward"
6) Everything in life has a reason, I wanted to prove it wrong.
7) I wanted to take revenge on myself


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به حرص ار شربتی خوردم مگیر از من که بد کردم
بیابان بود و تابستان و آب سرد و استسقا



Soil and Soul

Our land is emerald,
But in the deserts of the exile,
Successive springs,
Sprinkle nothing but poison.
What should we do with our love?
While our eyes and mouths are filled with iced soil and dew

سرزمین ما زمرد است
ولی در بیابان های تبعید
بهارهای پیاپی
جز زهر بر چهره ی ما نمی پاشد
با عشق خود چه کنیم
در حالی که چشم ها و دهانمان پر از خاک و شبنم یخ زده است.
As long as deep in the heart,
The soul of a Jew yearns,
And forward to the East
To Zion, an eye looks
Our hope will not be lost,
The hope of two thousand years,
To be a free nation in our land,
The land of Zion and Jerusalem.

از صمیم قلب
روح یهودی اشتیاق دارد
و به سوی شرق، به صهیون،نگاهی می اندازد
امید ما هرگز از بین نخواهد رفت
امید دو هزار ساله
تا ملتی آزاد در سرزمینمان باشیم
سرزمین صهیون و اورشلیم