I think I should do it!

After almost six months, I decided to write in my diary. I am doing it because I read “la nausée” by Jean Paul Sartre where Antoine Roquentine declares a good diary as an essential part of everyday life!

Yes, I am moving to a new paragraph as J.D. Salinger accentuates paragraphs and the importance of proper paragraphing! Today, we took chemistry exam, the last of the final exams. There are two more non-final exams that their grades are not used as a criterion for university entrance: Computer and History. Today, I found out the damned essence of NH3 when dissolves in water and creates a weak electrolyte and not a non-electrolyte. Damn! Damn! Damn!

After the exam, three of the schoolmates and I went to drink something. I wonder why I ordered “carrot juice and ice cream” while I liked to drink a cool non-alcoholic beer. I do not know why I did that. Maybe because I think that I should order carrot juice and ice cream whenever I can make a selection (It is exactly like when I order hotdogs while I like hamburgers). The drink was good and refreshing, incidentally!


Rasool said...

interestingE !

soroosh said...

I think its better U Keep Ur Blog Up-2-Date
I think da Post wz writn when da Great Cyrus wz Dien
In General its a nice Blog
And About da English Thing
I didn no that Ur English Iz So GREAT!

simin said...

salam! hal nadaram Englisi benevisam! taze fahmidam Danrah kie!
khastam webloge englishamo behetoon bedam didam dar hadde site shoma nist!
dar har soorat movafagh bashin!