I think I should do it!

After almost six months, I decided to write in my diary. I am doing it because I read “la nausée” by Jean Paul Sartre where Antoine Roquentine declares a good diary as an essential part of everyday life!

Yes, I am moving to a new paragraph as J.D. Salinger accentuates paragraphs and the importance of proper paragraphing! Today, we took chemistry exam, the last of the final exams. There are two more non-final exams that their grades are not used as a criterion for university entrance: Computer and History. Today, I found out the damned essence of NH3 when dissolves in water and creates a weak electrolyte and not a non-electrolyte. Damn! Damn! Damn!

After the exam, three of the schoolmates and I went to drink something. I wonder why I ordered “carrot juice and ice cream” while I liked to drink a cool non-alcoholic beer. I do not know why I did that. Maybe because I think that I should order carrot juice and ice cream whenever I can make a selection (It is exactly like when I order hotdogs while I like hamburgers). The drink was good and refreshing, incidentally!