Theocracy, Ups and Downs

As we look over our daily life, we see there are many interesting subjects to blog about. Personally, for me, there are many subjects per day. However, sometimes, it is hard to get yourself on computer and write. Today, I could finally do it and write about a subject that I wanted to write about for a couple of weeks: Theocracy.

First, let us inspect the definition of Theocracy. Theocracy is originated from the Greek word Theokratia. It refers to a system of government ruled by religious officials in the name of God or a god.

The important point, surely, is that Theocracy does not occur when there is a religious government but occurs when “Religious Officials” rule the government.

Apparently, there are some downwards with this type of government, especially in the modern eras.

Let me clarify the subject by giving some examples. If a theocratic government believes itself to be originated from God, having assigned divinity, it is clear that the main point and the root of this government are disputed. Because all of important religions believe there is not a direct representative of God in the earth. For example, in Christianity, Messiah is not present now. Moreover, in Islam, Mahdi is not obviously among Muslims.

About two or three weeks ago, I went to Barack Obama’s website and downloaded a PDF. In a part of that document, there were some notes about separation of church and state. It was saying that when the church and state are not separated, then there would be some politic works in the name of religion, thus, affecting the divinity of religions.

I do not want to write about secularism or separation of church and state in this post. By mentioning that document, I just wanted to give an example to clarify that whether intentionally or not, when there is not a direct representative of God, there would be some misuses from behind irresponsible and pretentious politicians.

Consequently, I believe that Theocracy would not answer in the modern world but there should be strict religious adherence and respect towards religion among politicians. In addition, I should mention that in some countries such as Sweden or China, in which more than 80 percent of people are irreligious, subsequently, the above method (adherence and respect) does not work.