KToolbar is Removed from Wireless Toolkit

After a couple of months delay, I decided to start blogging again. Today I want to write about KToolbar.

What is KToolbar? KToolbar was (!) a part of Sun Java™ Wireless Toolkit for CLDC. We used to compile and test our MIDP applications by KToolbar. As far as I know, KToolbar was present until before the release of WTK 2.5.2. When I downloaded the latest version of WTK, I realized that the lovely KToolbar is REMOVED from WTK! Actually they simply renamed KToolbar to "Wireless Toolkit".

Following the change of J2SE to Java SE, J2EE to Java EE and J2ME to Java ME, They removed the odd-named KToolbar. I think that Sun is simplifying the names of its products in order to become more community-applicable.

Recently, I felt in love with politics. So I'll write more about politics soon.