Transfer speculation: Frank Lampard to Barcelona (£30 Million)

It seems that Chelsea and Barcelona are forever linked in headlines. When the teams aren't playing each other or arguing, there are articles about them buying players from each other and the latest is a revival of the Frank Lampard rumour.

Lampard has a Catalan partner which means a fair number of people are always putting 2 and 2 together to make a move to Barca. When Michael Ballack arrived at Stamford Bridge the speculation intensified, as the German does tend to be the boss of any side he plays for.

The latest twist is that Deco is being offered as part of a swap deal, despite the fact that the Portuguese star turned down the chance to join Chelsea in 2004. Deco himself had denied any knowledge of it but given the way that the Big Two in Spain work in the transfer market, that proves very little.

Would Lampard himself like another challenge? There are very few players who aren't tempted by the chance to play at the Nou Camp and he's certainly won a bagful of medals at the Bridge. If Chelsea were to add the Champions League this season, then the midfielder might feel the need for a new experience.

After a mediocre World Cup Lampard is showing signs of being the dominant attacking midfielder again. He certainly looks the type of player to win over the Barca fans so this is a story that can't be ruled out for now.

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